Orange Cafe Bangkok opened Feb 2012

Orange Cafe Bangkok Feb 2012 to Feb 2015


 Orange Cafe has closed
Thank you to all who supported us over the past 3 years. 

Some time is needed before deciding
what might take its place.                                                                               

Orange Café is a vegetarian café that opened in February 2012.  We do not use any meat, fish, or poultry in any dish ever. We do not use fish sauce, shrimp paste or oyster sauces that are common in Thai cooking.

Our Euro menu is 100% Vegetarian, and our Thai Menu is 100% Vegan

The Thai Vegan menu has been created to incorporate the many flavors and aromas of traditional Thai cooking. The use of the terms 'Chicken' 'Duck' 'Pork' as well as 'shrimp paste' etc. is intended to inform that this dish is based on the traditional dish of the same name or ingredient. Where this is the case our dish has an ingredient that substitutes the ‘chicken’ from the traditional version of the dish, with a product that resembles the texture, taste and or consistency of ‘chicken’ though it is 100% vegan.

The replacement items we use are meat substitutes such as Textured Vegetable Protean (TVP), Soya Protean products as well as Tofu, Satin and Quorn. Dishes can be made to include or exclude any of these items with advance notice to meet your dietary needs.

Our vegetarian specials includes our home made Veggie burger and pasta dishes and our very popular Sausage and Mash and Dim Sum.  Most dishes on our vegetarian menu are also or can be made vegan on request. If you have any questions about our menu or ingredients please contact us and we will be happy answer any questions that you have.

Please check our Facebook page or website for monthly menus.

Orange Café is a new vegetarian café that opened Soi Yommarat, Silom in February 2012. We offer a delicious and varied menu of European style vegetarian dishes as well as a Thai vegan dishes. All our food is prepared fresh every day in our kitchen using locally sourced fresh ingredients where possible. We do not use any item or product that contains MSG, artificial coloring, flavoring, preservative or sweetener.

Orange Café maintains a strict vegetarian kitchen and does not use any meat, poultry or fish products in any of our dishes. We use dairy products and only vegetarian cheese and free range eggs in out vegetarian dishes During October when during the vegetarian festival our entire menu is  vegan and Jay.

We are happy to offer dairy free, soy free, wheat free and nut free dishes on request.

Orange Café is now open from Monday to Friday 11am - 5pm in Soi Yommarat Yak 2.

 Please note NEW opening times   Mon to Fri 11am - 3.30pm